* - Lang - Inadequate Language Support for User Inputs

What the issue is

Forms and interactive widgets that do not support input in the user's preferred or native language create barriers. This issue arises in scenarios such as search boxes that only accept input in a certain language, form validation that incorrectly flags inputs in other languages as errors, or interfaces that do not accommodate right-to-left language inputs adequately.

Why this is important

Users must be able to enter text in their preferred language and script, especially on websites that serve multilingual communities. The ability to interact with web content in one's preferred language is essential for inclusivity and equitable access to information and services online.

Who it affects

This issue primarily affects:

  1. Non-native speakers or users who prefer to interact in a language different from the primary language of the website.
  2. Users of languages with specific input requirements, such as right-to-left scripts or languages requiring special character sets.

How to remediate the issue

  1. Ensure form fields and user input widgets are designed to accept characters and scripts in all languages supported by the website content.
  2. Validate forms in a way that does not penalize inputs in languages other than the primary language of the website.
  3. Implement proper styling and technical adjustments to accommodate inputs in right-to-left languages, including correct cursor placement and text alignment.
  4. Test forms and input widgets with users of various languages to ensure that the interface works as expected for inputs in those languages.
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