* - Lang - Missing Language Attributes in Scripted Content Insertions

What the issue is

Scripted or AJAX-loaded content often fails to include appropriate lang attributes when inserting text or other content into the document dynamically, particularly content in a different language than the main page or application. This failure can impact user understanding due to incorrect language processing by assistive technologies.

This is one of two takes on lang attributes with AJAX. One has to consider both the impact on the page of the new content, and the foreign words on the page added by AJAX. This issue related to the latter take.

Why this is important

Providing accurate language attributes within dynamically loaded content allows assistive technologies to process and present this content correctly, respecting linguistic nuances. This is crucial for screen reader users for proper pronunciation and for understanding the semantic meaning of the content. It also aids in the processing of language-specific style and scripting behavior in browsers.

Who it affects

This issue primarily affects:

  1. Users of screen reading technologies or other forms of text-to-speech software.
  2. Individuals using translation tools to convert content into their preferred language.
  3. People who are learning a new language and rely on correct language attributes to aid in comprehension.

How to remediate the issue

  1. When generating content dynamically via scripts, developers should ensure to dynamically set the lang attribute on inserted content containers when the content language differs from the main page.
  2. Review existing scripted insertions for language specifics and ensure that the correct lang attributes are applied.
  3. Utilize automated testing tools and manual review processes to identify and correct instances where dynamically loaded content does not specify or incorrectly specifies the content's language via the lang attribute.