Success Criterion 3.2.5 Change on Request

Changes of context are initiated only by user request or a mechanism is available to turn off such changes.

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What the issue is

Links that do not notify the user of a change in context, such as opening a new window or tab, or causing a document to unexpectedly download, navigating away from the current page, or triggering a significant change on the current page without prior warning. may disorient users when the context changes unexpectedly, not knowing if the action took them to a new page, opened a new window, or made changes without their knowledge.

What the issue is

Automatic language detection inaccurately assesses the user's preferred language, leading to a webpage being displayed in a language the user cannot understand. This often occurs with websites trying to automatically set the language based on the user's location (via IP address) or browser settings, without allowing an easy way for the user to change the language back to their preferred choice.